Military Textile


Military personnel need many different outfits, as weather and climatic conditions vary and they sometimes work under very hot or very cold weather conditions. As a company that exports to many countries in the sector, we produce all the textile products that military personnel may need in our factory. Military textile contains many different military outfits, uniforms and accessories. Military uniform consists of camouflage pattern shirt and camouflage pattern trousers. Our camouflage pattern military trousers are made from 60% cotton 40% polyester. It can be used easily in all seasons. There are useful pockets on the both sides of the trousers. It can be produced in all sizes and dimensions according to your request. Camouflage pattern military shirt is produced from polyester and cotton blend fabric. There are useful pockets on the front of the shirt. The camouflage pattern shirt can be produced shortsleeved for hot weather conditions and long-sleeved for cold weather conditions. Camouflage military shirt can be produced in all sizes. Military uniform will not suffice under cold weather conditions. For this reason, you can wear thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is produced separately as top and bottom. The thermal underwear we produce from cotton fabric prevents your heat loss as much as possible, allows you to be more protected in cold weather conditions. Another set of thermal underwear that we produce from polyamide density fabric provides extra protection against the cold at minus degrees. It is comfortable thanks to its flexible structure and breathable fabric, and it provides more comfortable use with its seamlessness. It doesn’t bother you in uniform. With different size options, it fits your body perfectly and prevents the passage of cold air. Among the thermal products we produce, there are neck collars, gloves and thermal socks. You can order the thermal underwear set as a set consisting of 5 pieces: thermal bottom, thermal top, neck collar, gloves and socks. The socks are produced from thin, thick and fleece fabrics according to the weather conditions. In cold weather conditions, you can choose to use polar fleece top and bottom sets, apart from military uniforms. Polar fleece fabric is often preferred in cold weather as it is both protective and comfortable. The fleece outfit is produced in army green as standard, but different colors can be produced in line with customer request. Military boots are produced with short and high necks. When the snow is heavy, you can choose highnecked boots, while for warmer weather, you can choose short-necked boots. The boots we produce as waterproof do not disturb your feet with their rubber sole and orthopedic design and they provide maximum comfort. The military boots we produce are suitable for operational use. It is produced from nubuck leather material. You can contact us for other military textile products and accessories you need or for detailed product information.