Vehicle Armor Plates

Vehicle Armor Plates

Vehicle armor plates are special coatings that support the protection of the vehicle against external factors, especially ballistic bullets. Such plates, which are integrated into various parts of the vehicle, provide the vehicle with a high level of protection. It can be preferred in the production of many equipment and vehicles, especially armored suits, vehicles, and watercraft. Materials such as metal and aluminum are used in its production. Plates, which are mostly subjected to ballistic tests after production, are put into use after it is determined that they are produced according to the predetermined procedures. The material used in its construction and its properties directly determine the level of protection of the plate. Some plates are lightweight, allowing for more comfortable movement. Others are extremely hard. This makes it possible to increase the level of protection.


What are Vehicle Armor Plates?

Vehicle armor plates, which are preferred in armored vehicles, are a special coating integrated into any part of the vehicle and are materials that ensure that the bullet coming into the vehicle loses speed. It provides great protection against various threats such as bullets of various calibers, improvised explosives, and artillery shell fragments. The plates, which can be specially designed according to the type of threat, can be produced using advanced materials. This can increase their durability.


What are the Features of Vehicle Armor Plates?

Vehicle armor plates are produced using durable and quality materials. This feature is noteworthy. Its prominent features such as this can be listed as follows in general terms:

– It is possible to produce them using different materials. Generally, materials with different properties, especially ceramic, steel, and synthetic fiber, can be used.

– It is possible for them to have a multi-layered structure. For example, ceramic and steel can be used together.

– It promises a comfortable use as it aims for the lowest possible weight.

– It is produced to provide a high level of protection.

– It is possible to produce according to the design of the vehicle. This allows the license plates to be integrated into the vehicle without adversely affecting its functionality.

Each of the mentioned features allows license plates to be preferred in different areas. Plates, which are generally used in military vehicles, can also be preferred in armored personnel vehicles.


Which Materials are Used in the Construction of Vehicle Armor Plates?

The types of materials used in the construction of vehicle armor plates may vary. Ceramic, steel, synthetic fiber, and composite materials are generally preferred. The properties of these materials will vary. Therefore, the levels of protection offered by the materials are different from each other. In addition, some materials are extremely lightweight, allowing the plates to be integrated into vehicles much more easily. However, materials such as steel are heavier than others. This results in reduced mobility.

Composite Materials

Different materials are combined to produce plates. The main reason for this is to achieve a high level of protection. On the other hand, it is also aimed to minimize the weight of the plate. It is because an increase in weight prevents the equipment or vehicle from being used comfortably and comfortably.


Ceramics of various properties can be preferred in the production of vehicle license plates. The hardness of the preferred ceramics is quite high. This makes it possible for bullets to dissipate their energy on impact. In addition, thanks to this feature, it prevents bullets from piercing the plates.


One of the most preferred materials for armor plates is steel, which is known for its hardness. The only advantage of steel plates is that they can be much heavier than other materials. Because they are heavier than other plates, they can cause movement restrictions.

Synthetic Fibers

High-strength fibers, such as polyethylene and aramid, can also be used to make plates. Since they are much more flexible than other materials, they enable more comfortable movement. It is possible to state that they are frequently preferred thanks to their advantages.