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Kriminal İnceleme
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Criminal Investigation

Criminal investigation is the process of conducting research and examinations in order to identify the perpetrator and uncover the details of a crime. When successfully completed, this process clarifies the suspicious incident, leading to the identification and punishment of the individual or individuals responsible for the crime. Additionally, it helps prevent potential future crimes by restricting direct contact between the perpetrator and civilians or society. In the initial stages of a criminal investigation, the crime scene is secured, and potential evidence that could aid in solving the case is preserved by the investigative teams. Testimonies from witnesses and evidence left behind by the perpetrator are collected at the scene to shed light on the incident. The collected evidence is then subjected to various scientific examinations within the scope of forensic sciences by experts specialized in different fields, employing scientific tools and methods. As a result of these scientific examinations, the […]

Kamu Güvenliği
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Public Safety

In the new world order, ensuring public safety has become a significant challenge for governments. The state is responsible for safeguarding the safety of its citizens. When individuals begin to worry about their own safety, they may lose trust and confidence in the government and leadership. Conversely, when individuals feel secure within their country’s borders, they have trust in the government and leadership. Regarding public safety, we are primarily talking about national security rather than individual security. Ensuring national security largely entails ensuring the safety of individuals as well. Public safety is evaluated on a large scale. Services such as police, fire department, and emergency services are essential in protecting individuals’ lives and properties. Therefore, public safety can be defined as ensuring the protection of the lives and properties of the public. Public safety is provided through various institutions or services at the national, regional, and local levels. Dealing with […]

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Border Security

In today’s world, globalization brings many positive and negative consequences. In a globalized world, commercial travels and trade relations are established between countries, leading to beneficial international connections and relationships. Globalization also allows people from different nations with similar interests to come together easily, share various experiences, and participate in international organizations. Events like the Olympics, sports, or artistic activities bring together similar individuals from different parts of the world, fostering international interaction and exchange. Additionally, globalization enables us to study abroad and engage in tourist travels. However, while there are positive aspects of globalization, there are also negative ones. The openness of nations in the international context can pose a security threat. Increased migration and refugee flows due to globalization have the potential to challenge national societal order and even endanger the public at times. Additionally, terrorist organizations and other malicious entities have seen an increase in their activities […]

Geleneksel Olmayan Askeri Eğitim
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Regular And Unconventional Military Education

Regular training is a military training method that teaches how to defeat or overcome the opposing side using regular weapons and warfare tactics in an open conflict situation. Regular training results in the formation of large and organized units. The objective of both sides is to physically defeat the opposing army. Regular training is provided for the close combat of two or more armies, focusing on fundamental military skills such as physical strength and weapon proficiency. Conventional armies engage in armed conflict, excluding the use of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. A well-trained army fights and defends within certain rules and aims to defeat the opposing army using specific warfare tactics on the battlefield. To undergo regular training, an army must possess basic skills for attack and defense in a war situation. Unconventional warfare is part of special warfare. Unconventional training is more detailed and versatile than regular military training. […]

Özel Harekat Eğitimi
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Special Forces Education

Special Operations Training; is a comprehensive training primarily focused on combating terrorism and other special situations such as bank robberies and hostage rescues. To participate in special operations training, individuals need to meet specific physical requirements and possess certain skills. Special operations teams are trained to strategically operate with special weapons and equipment in extraordinary situations and raids. They acquire tactical skills for any situation they might encounter. The teams undergo physical conditioning training first, learning how to use and defend their bodies effectively in extraordinary circumstances. In shooting training, they receive training not only in tactical shooting but also in sharpshooting. At the end of the training, they gain the ability to use transportation vehicles. They also receive training in conducting raids and ambushes, learning how to set up ambushes and how to resist them. Point operation training enables individuals to be proficient in searching buildings and vehicles. Another […]

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