Unparalleled Protection and Transparency

Unparalleled Protection and Transparency: Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic BR6 and BR7 Clear Vehicle and Building Glass by Babil Defence

Welcome to Babil Defence, your trusted provider of high-quality military products. In this article, we explore the remarkable features and applications of Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic BR6 and BR7 clear glass for vehicles and buildings. Discover how our advanced Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic glass offers unmatched ballistic protection, exceptional transparency, and unparalleled durability.

Introducing Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic

Babil Defence is proud to present Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic, an innovative material renowned for its exceptional strength and optical clarity. Combining the extraordinary properties of sapphire and aluminum oxide, this transparent ceramic material provides unparalleled ballistic resistance and superior visual performance.

BR6 and BR7 Ballistic Protection

Our BR6 and BR7 Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic clear glass solutions deliver unmatched ballistic protection for both vehicles and buildings. These specially engineered glass panels are designed to withstand high-velocity impacts from bullets, shrapnel, and explosive fragments. With BR6 and BR7 certifications, our glass ensures the highest level of safety and security for military, security, and law enforcement applications.

Despite its exceptional strength, Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic glass is surprisingly lightweight, making it an optimal choice for armored vehicles and buildings. The crystal-clear transparency of the glass ensures unobstructed visibility, enhancing situational awareness while providing maximum protection.

Durability and Versatility

At Babil Defence, we prioritize durability. Our Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic glass demonstrates exceptional resistance to scratches, abrasions, and chemical damage, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Moreover, the glass maintains its pristine transparency even in extreme temperatures, guaranteeing optimal visibility in various environments.

The versatility of Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic glass extends beyond vehicle applications, seamlessly integrating into building structures. Whether used in military installations, embassies, or government facilities, Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic glass enhances security without compromising the aesthetic appeal or functionality of the building.


Babil Defence’s Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic BR6 and BR7 clear glass redefine the standards of ballistic protection and visual clarity. Choose our advanced Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Ceramic glass solutions to ensure unmatched resistance against ballistic threats while enjoying unparalleled transparency. Trust Babil Defence to safeguard your vehicles and buildings with the perfect blend of unrivaled protection and exceptional visibility.