Gun Holster


Gun holsters aim to carry your gun safely and comfortably. The fabrics and raw materials used on the inside and outside of the holsters differ visually and functionally. These holsters not only help you to carry your gun safely, but also protect your gun from scratches and possible damage. Gun holsters, the interior of which is designed with velvet fabric, protects your gun from scratches. It’s also important that the muzzle of the holster is closed. Thus, the muzzle does not hurt you, especially in the case of internal carrying. Gun holsters are produced specifically for various weapon groups. Because the gun’s full 6 compatibility with the holster plays an important role in carrying the gun safely and comfortably. When you use a holster that is fully compatible with your gun, your gun will not shake or fall, especially while running. In addition to the gun holster being compatible with the gun, it should also be practical to pull the gun from the holster. Since the gun is a tool that requires immediate use, you should be able to take your gun out of its holster and use it in seconds as practically as possible. As a result, the product you will use should be both practical, safe and protective. Gun holsters can be positioned on different parts of your body. You can carry your gun inside or out, visible or invisible. In terms of ease of use, different fabrics and raw materials are used for both in and out carrying. For outer carry gun holsters, the outer part of the holster is preferred as leather or waterproof fabric. Gun holsters, the outer part of which is leather, are often preferred both in terms of being waterproof and visually good. Also, since leather fabrics are more durable than other waterproof fabrics, they protect your gun against external impacts. Gun holsters can also produce from hard plastic or special alloy polymer. However, gun
holsters that made of hard plastic are not very successful in aesthetically protecting your gun from scratches and impacts. In order to protect your gun at the highest level from any impact, scratch or damage, we produce gun holsters where you can get the highest efficiency by combining the highest quality materials. We continue our production without sacrificing the quality and maximizing the level of customer satisfaction. In the production process, we attach great importance not only to the fabric or raw material used, but also to the level of design, usability and practicality. You can easily fix the gun holster we produced to your trouser belt. Our holster is suitable for both in and out carrying. High quality, shock absorbing waterproof leather fabric is used on the exterior part of the holster. On the inside, velvet fabric is used to prevent scratches. A shock absorbing sponge is placed between the inner and outer parts. Thus, your gun will be protected at the maximum level in a possible impact. Even if we produce the holster in black, we can also produce the gun holsters in different colors towards the customer’s request.