Bulletproof Plate Level IV


Bulletproof plates are a piece of important protective equipment with a high level of protection. These bulletproof plates should be used for situations where the protection of bulletproof vests or armors will not be enough. Produced at different levels according to NIJ standards, these plates provide protection against bullets of various sizes and speeds. There are some criteria to consider when choosing a ballistic plate. It is important that you know what level of protection you need. When choosing a product, you can compare weight, protection, and cost, so you can choose the plate that suits your needs and budget perfectly. Level IV Bulletproof plates are designed to protect against 7.62mm, armor-piercing bullets at 2880 ft/s. It is the plate with the highest score on the durability scale according to the 0101.06 standards of the National Institute of Justice. Unlike Level III plates, Level IV plates are tested with a single armorpiercing bullet, not with intermittent shots. As the protection levels increase in these bulletproof plates, although we are talking about a more durable plate, the plate that has been tested successfully in ranged shooting is the bulletproof plate with protection level III. The plate, which is designed to be resistant to a single armor-piercing (AP) bullet with a higher velocity and larger diameter, is the plate with protection level IV. When choosing a bulletproof plate, you need to make comparisons between products produced with different materials, according to your own conditions and needs. Bulletproof plates can be produced from steel, ceramic, and polyethylene materials. As a worldwide exporter, we manufacture bulletproof plates from materials of your choice. Steel plates are very successful in terms of protection, but their weight is between 3-4 kilos. Plates produced from ceramic and polyethylene material are both equally protective and very light compared to steel plates. The weight of these plates is between 1-1.5 kg. The cost of the product is another factor that may affect your choice. While steel plates are heavy and low cost, ceramic and polyethylene plates are quite light, easy to hide but at the same time overcostly. You can compare all these criteria and choose the product that suits your needs and budget best. In accordance with the sales principles of our company, before the final sales protocol is signed, an “enduser certificate” must be obtained from the user. For detailed information and to create an order, you can contact us from the contact information.