BR7 Vehicle Armor


In addition to personal protection equipment in the military area, the armored and bulletproof military vehicles are very important to protect the crew inside from possible attacks. Vehicle armor is generally produced in the military field to protect the crew and it can be applied to various war vehicles or civilian vehicles. They are produced in accordance with different protection capabilities for European standards. Vehicle armors produced according to the protection capability levels determined by the European Committee for Standardization, protect the vehicle crew against different types of pistol bullets, rifle bullets or shrapnel fragments. According to CEN 1063 standards, the BR1 level is the lowest level of protection capability, while the BR7 level armors provide the highest protection. The higher the protection level, the higher the armor provides protection against higher velocity and larger caliber bullets
or rifles. According to the European Committee for Standardization, the BR6 level is the last level for civilian use.
Vehicle armors with BR7 protection capability require special military permission. The higher the protection levels, the greater the mass added to the vehicle. This situation makes daily use more difficult. That’s why, it is very important that the vehicle to be armored has a system suitable for carrying extra mass. BR7 vehicle armor is produced with the ability to protect 7.62*51 mm NATO bullets against FJ, PB, HC types. The bullets have an average weight of 9.8 grams and a velocity up to 820 m/s. Unlike BR6 vehicle armor, it has the ability to protect against HC type hard steel bullet cores. Vehicle armoring is a very difficult and detailed process. Plates with BR7 protection level are placed on the body of the vehicle, thus providing your vehicle with a high level of protection, including short-range missiles. Compliance with CEN 1063 standards are tested with 3 shots. As a company that exports worldwide in this sector, we design and apply the vehicle armor that suits your needs. In order to provide the security that you need, we continue our production without compromising on quality by combining the latest technology products and materials with fine design. You can contact us from the contact information for detailed information and to create an order.