Ballistic Vest Level IIIA


Ballistic vests provide high-level protection against bullets of different categories or speeds according to their protection levels. Bulletproof vests, which are produced according to the standards of NIJ, are produced from different materials according to the purpose of use and the level of protection needed. It is very important that ballistic vests, specially produced for in-shirt use, are concealable and light. Another important point is that being breathable and suitable for in-shirt use, it should allow the user in terms of 19 mobility while reducing the effect of bullets and minimizing the possibility of injuring the user by shrapnel fragments in case of a possible explosion. Ballistic vests are produced in two different levels according to NIJ standards. While Level II is the lowest level of protection for ballistic vests, it is also produced in accordance with Level IIIA protection standards. Different levels provide protection against different types of ammunition. Level IIIA is the highest level of protection for ballistic vests. In cases where the protection of ballistic vests is not sufficient after this level, additional bulletproof plates should be used. In this way, the damage and trauma transfer that can be caused to the user, in case the bullet hits are minimized. As a worldwide exporting company in the sector, we produce products that will meet your needs at the maximum level without sacrificing quality, using high-technology raw materials. The ballistic vests we produce for NIJ standards Level IIIA protection capability are designed to provide high-level protection against .357 Sig, FMJ (full metal jacket) bullets at 1470 ft/s and .44 caliber, Magnum bullets with a speed of 1430 ft/s. When it’s used with bulletproof plates that have a higher level of protection, you can get a high level of protection against different types of bullets or armor-piercing ammunition. Thanks to its ergonomic design and concealability, you can use it in or above your uniform. It is suitable for use in all seasons with its air-permeable design. You can use it easily, especially under hot weather conditions. When it’s used alone, it does not provide protection for rifles or AP-type ammunition. Ballistic vests, which we produce from high-tech kevlar, twaron and polyethylene raw materials, stand out with their
lightness and concealability compared to old-style steel productions. In this way, it provides the user a high level of mobility and ease of use. Ballistic vests that cover the whole body with their adjustable velcro fasteners have an ergonomic structure. Production can be made in different sizes and sizes according to the customer’s request.
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