Anti-Riot Gear

Illegal demonstrations and protests can sometimes pose a threat to the local community, the environment, or the public areas. Even if an illegal demonstration doesn’t pose a security threat to the public; law 25 enforcement, military units or police teams should be ready and control the demonstrators in case of sudden threat situations. The defense and public protection actions of the authorized teams vary depending on the countries, the laws, the size of the demonstration, the content or the severity of the action. However, in social events, these authorized teams don’t use deadly weapons or protective equipment in general. The set of protection against social riots does not have the ballistic capability. Antiriot gear is used by teams that respond to illegal activities, actions or protests. The aim of the teams is to disperse the illegal action community with as simple means of defense as possible and prevent disorder in these situations that threaten civilians or public areas. Thanks to this protective set used by authorized teams or units, they are protected from injurious objects such as stones, bricks, bottles thrown by the activists. These teams do not use firearms unless they are compelled to disperse illegal groups. Depending on the type of action and the size of the demonstrating group, tools like a nightstick, whip, pepper spray or anti-riot water cannon vehicle can be used. Basically, the protection and response set against riot consist of a police helmet, a police shield, a Robocop suit, and a nightstick. None of the products in this set are ballistic capable, but they protect the team from injurious objects thrown by the activist group, reducing the risk of injury and minimizing the possibility of damage during such riot activities. The police shield in the set is made of polycarbonate material. Robocop suit is produced in an adjustable way. It is designed in such a way that it does not prevent the mobility of the teams during use. As a worldwide exporting company in the defense sector, we produce equipment that will provide maximum security for your needs. We export the products we design and manufacture to many countries without sacrificing safety,
protection and quality. The products can be produced in different sizes and sizes according to the customer’s request. For more detailed information about the anti-riot gear against and to order, you can contact us from the
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